Cottonwood Testimonials

"During the month of February my husband and I both had extended travel plans for work, so we wanted to board our six month old puppy Laney at a facility that would allow her to have plenty of outdoor time, one-on-one training and a competitive price. The Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel met all of our requirements! We opted to go for the 30 days board and train package. We live in Colorado Springs, so the drive out to Crawford took around 4 1/2 hours, but it was completely worth it. Ted's facilities were amazing...plenty of space for a young puppy to run around and play with other dogs outside and the indoor/outdoor kennels were well kept. From the first moment that we met Ted, he immediately formed a bond with Laney and we felt comfortable leaving her in his hands. During the month apart, I emailed Ted for weekly updates and he was more than happy to oblige...he even sent us pictures of her! Laney received one-on-one/group training on a daily basis. When we arrived at the ranch to pick her up, Ted spent two hours working with us on the training techniques that he implemented. Laney isn't a perfect dog, but we definitely saw a huge improvement! We wanted Ted to work on basic obedience and leash walking. Since working with Ted, Laney is a joy to walk with on leash and her temperament is calmer inside the house. My husband and I really enjoyed working with Ted and we picked up a lot of great dog training techniques. We definitely plan on sending Laney again if the opportunity arises." Jade Miller

“Our yellow lab Cooper has been hanging out with Ted periodically for almost two years.    Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel is the only place we have ever boarded our dog, and watching Ted in his environment makes it clear he is a master at dog training.  We highly recommend him!”  Blake and Alana Appleby

“Our yellow Labrador, Ellie, loves Camp Cottonwood!  It is a wonderful feeling for our family to know that Ellie is not only being well cared for, but that she is having a great time.  Ted has been an important part of Ellie's life since she was 14 weeks old.  We were concerned to board such a young puppy and were immediately put at ease when we met Ted. His boarding facility is first class, the ranch is absolutely
beautiful and his training is superb.  We have had such a positive experience with all aspects of Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel.  Ellie is not just a boarder; she is part of the Camp Cottonwood family!”  Tricia Ecclestone

“I don't kennel my dogs very often but when I do, I examine potential kennels very closely. After using and being dissatisfied with various kennels in western Colorado, I found Cottonwood Kennel. I truly feel that my dogs are not just safe there but are extremely well cared for by Ted Hoff and his staff. The dogs get exercised and return to me happy instead of stressed. After rescuing one Brittany at the age of 1 1/2, I had to kennel him and Ted worked with him on leash walking during the entire week (something that eluded my dog prior to that training). He really got my dog to focus and remain calm on a leash. When I ended up fostering another Brittany who was 1 years old and coming out of a situation of mistreatment, Ted spent the 10 days socializing and training him as well as working on his separation anxiety. After 10 days, I picked up a dog who went from unadoptable to a dog that would make any family happy.....and did just 2 weeks later. I trust Cottonwood Kennel and would never hesitate to leave any of my beloved dogs there.”  Janet Hurd

“Susan and I came to know Ted Hoff and Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel through the best kind of advertising: a recommendation from a friend.  Knowing our rescue dog, Gina, had some major issues (the recommendation from one "expert" was to put Gina out of _OUR _misery), Michelle suggested getting in touch with Ted.

Ted said later that Gina posed an interesting problem: she is a tough nut, and will take charge if not handled properly. At Cottonwood, she received a month of Ted's strong but gentle training, and after, Susan and I were trained to continue the progress she made.

That was several years ago. Gina died last summer. We remember Gina trying to be the boss if given the opportunity, but because of Ted's intervention she was a desirable member of the family. She boarded at Cottonwood every time Susan and I left home, and her excitement at going to her second home was very apparent whenever we get close to Cottonwood Creek Road.

We have spent a lot of time at Cottonwood and have had the opportunity to watch Ted at work with a lot of other dogs. To see the dogs devote total attention to him, and perform out of desire to please, is to watch a wonderful synergy between human and dog.

Now we have a new dog named Henry, a Stabyhoun and like Gina, Henry hopes he never has to board anywhere else.

In the interest of full disclosure, Ted Hoff is an early supporter of Telluride Inside… and Out and we are pleased to have his videos of dogs and their training on our website.”

Clint Viebrock