What do I need to bring when I bring my dog to the Kennels:

Camp list for your dog: Label ALL personal items!
• Bed
• Food (please put in a resealable container that is labeled)
• Copy of veterinary shot record

How much does boarding/training my dog cost?

Boarding: $40/dog
2 or more dogs $35/day/dog
Training $2,200/month(Boarding Included)

Can we go through the training you've done when you drop the dog off on Tuesday?

Training your dog is a big investment and when done properly this investment can change the relationship you have with your dog. We rely heavily on the time we spend with the owner at the end of the dog's training session to teach the owner all the dog has learned and how to transition the dog back into the family most successfully. Therefore, we expect the owners to come to the ranch and spend time with Ted in the setting the dog has grown to know during their training session. This allows both Dog and owner to start off on a new foot and leave the kennel with a clear understanding of the training techniques and how to use them.

Do you give discounts for multiple dogs?

Yes, $30/dog/day

Do you need the originals for shot records?

No, a copy of the current vaccinations from your vet will suffice. Please bring it with you when you drop off your dog.

Can I have my vet email you the dog's shot records?

Yes, our email is info@cottonwoodranchandkennel.com. Please send this no sooner than one week before your dog is expected to arrive.

What shots does my dog need to stay at the Kennel?

Bordetella, current rabies vaccination, distemper, and parvo. Please refer to your veterinarian for current shot recommendations.

For training, what is the minimum stay for my dog?

We recommend 30 days for a full training session.

How often does my dog get exercise?

The dogs are exercised multiple times throughout the day. If your dog has special circumstances, such as recent surgery, we will accommodate them as needed.

I have a special request; diet, medication, exercise after surgery, for my dog, will you accommodate that?

Yes, we always treat the dogs individually whether it is for exercise needs, dietary needs, or special medications.
Please label all medications! We will gladly address your dog's special dietary or medical needs. If your dog requires supplements or medications, please bring in a sealed container and label them clearly with your dog's name and the dosage.

Can I come visit my dog during their training sessions?

Yes, your visit is welcome please call ahead to schedule an appointment

Where is your nearest airport?

The nearest airport is Montrose or Grand Junction. Each is approximately one hour from the Ranch. Please refer to our map to see more detailed directions.

Can you meet me at the airport with my dog when we get in?

Ted's time spent at the ranch is instrumental in your dog's success. Scheduled pickup and deliveries are on Tuesdays in the Roaring Fork Valley. You are welcome to come to the Ranch and pick up your dog during our hours of operation: Wednesday through Monday 8 AM to 5 PM and Tuesdays 8 AM - 9 AM and 4 PM - 5 PM. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, and New Years we are closed.