Boarding at Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel

Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel is a dog training and boarding facility that was settled on an expansive family owned ranch on the Western slope of Colorado. The kennels are located close to the family's residence so there is constant close monitoring of the dogs. Exercise and purposeful play are part of the daily routine for the dogs. Ted Hoff is the owner of the kennels and lives on the Ranch. As a professional dog trainer, Ted prides himself on the close personal relationship that he establishes with the dogs that are boarding. Ted is also the resident trainer so even the dogs that are boarding at the kennel get a chance to walk and play with a professional trainer. Cottonwood Kennels has two buildings that house 25 indoor/outdoor kennels. Each kennel run is five by twenty feet and designed to stay cool in the summer months and heated during the winter. Our kennel design aids in keeping building clean and healthy.

The kennels are open

  • 8am - 5pm Wednesday - Monday
  • 8am - 9am and 4pm - 5pm Tuesday

  • Appointments with Ted are scheduled for exceptions and one on one training sessions.

Boarding: $40/dog
2 or more dogs $35/day/dog
Dog Training: $2,200/month(Boarding Included)
Owner Training is done here at the ranch to be scheduled at time of pick up.
Payment due at pickup Check, Cash, Credit Card

Your dogs own personal food and choice of food is encouraged to maintain their dietary needs and consistency with their diet. Food is provided at the kennel and if your dog is on a special diet we encourage you to provide your dog's personal food.

Any other sundries are welcome but not necessary.

Camp list for your dog:
• Bed
• Food
• Copy of veterinary shot record
See our details pages for area specific pick up, delivery times, directions and testimonials.