Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel

Welcome to Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel's photo album. Ted Hoff, owner and Colorado dog trainer at the ranch, continually documents his most recent four-legged guests at the kennels through playful and quality photographs and videos. Colorado's western slope is a perfect venue for dog training, exercise, and play time because of a mild climate that allows us to be outdoors all year long with the dogs. Ted has been taking photos, documenting his many travels and dog training moments for years. He has always loved working with and training dogs. Now having a forum to post and share the special moments with friends and clients is a wonderful opportunity for you to see what he does at Cottonwood Ranch and Kennel. The videos are posted on the blog weekly accompanied by a short paragraph explaining the training method Colorado's dog trainer, Ted Hoff, uses. Photos are often posted more frequently as Ted likes to highlight daily moments and new arrivals at the kennel.